About Us

The Redcliffe Historical Society Inc was formed in 1967 to preserve and document the history of Redcliffe and the surrounding area.

It conducts monthly meetings which feature a speaker with a subject of historical interest.

Our members enjoy the informative monthly meetings as well as working together on historical projects. As a result our membership grows while we develop our relationships and friendships with each other.

The Society researches and publishes a newsletter, “Humpybong and After” quarterly. From time to time it has published books and brochures about Redcliffe history. These books are able to be purchased through the Society or the Redcliffe Museum.

The Society is able to provide tour guides for the Henry Miller Trail Walk and mini bus tours of the Peninsula.

History Redcliffe acts as a contact point for Redcliffe residents who have valuable memorabilia which they may wish to donate or are willing to have recorded by the Society for future generations. In this function and in a range of other activities it supports the historical culture of Redcliffe working in conjunction with the Redcliffe Museum and the Moreton Bay Regional Libraries local history team.

History Redcliffe maintained a museum for 28 years until 1998 when it was delighted to assist in the design and development of a modern innovative and interactive museum established by the Redcliffe City Council. Artefacts previously owned by History Redcliffe and displayed in its museum were donated to the City’s museum at the time of opening.

History Redcliffe is strong, healthy and pro-active.


Our Committee

The management committee meets monthly in our History Den on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.