Redcliffe Hotel

Redcliffe Hotel at the bend of Redcliffe Parade in 1912

On December 24 1880, Patrick O’Leary of Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, purchased some land in Redcliffe Parade. During the next month, he began the erection of a hotel and a store. By 1881, the Redcliffe Hotel officially opened and is the present modernised Ambassador Hotel.

The Hotel was well patronised as hordes of people would arrive every weekend from Brisbane by steamer to enjoy the idyllic and refreshing lifestyle by the sea.

The Redcliffe Hotel changed hands several times, but by 1892 the new landlord was Mr Granville who had totally renovated the establishment.

In 1908 the Hotel changed hands again and the proprietor was Mrs Tappolet.

The Ambassador Hotel in 2006 (previously Redcliffe Hotel)

Laura MacDonald took over as licensee in May 1926 and commenced more alterations, which included re-modelling and re-furnishing the hotel to make it one of the most up to date seaside hotels in the whole of Queensland.

Within three years the hotel patronage increased, so a cabaret was demolished and two shops, a Chemist and a Dentist built in its place. A large dance hall with all amenities was built at the rear. Above the dance hall and the two shops, additional accommodation was built to cater for the increase in guests and a car-park was added at the rear.

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