History Redcliffe has produced a number of items commemorating and celebrating our local history. The proceeds of the sale of these items go towards preserving and celebrating the rich history of Redcliffe.

As well as the books listed here we offer a range of other products for sale.

All items for sale are available from the Redcliffe Museum during opening hours.

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The Agnew Legacy: A History of the Agnew Clothing Factory


Written by Merle Ricardo for the Redcliffe Historical Society, this is the story of the Agnew family, David, Marion and their sons who established a factory specialising in children’s clothing that impacted upon not only the Redcliffe Peninsula but became known all over Australia.

Memories of Margate


Memories of Margate investigates significant events in Margate’s history beginning with the first government land sales in the 1860s, early landowners, and the gradual development of the area that would one day become the suburb of Margate. Maps and photographs are used to illustrate a story enlivened by oral histories of former and present day residents.

Moreton Bay Detachment 1824 – 1825


Written for the Redcliffe Historical Society by John St Pierre this book identifies the names of the soldiers, their wives and children and the convicts who formed part of the new settlement at Redcliffe in Moreton Bay.

A Photographic Look at Redcliffe


A 66 page book featuring 100 images of Redcliffe.

Redcliffe Remembers: the War Years 1939 – 1949


A joint oral history project between the Redcliffe Historical Society and Redcliffe City Library this book delves into Redcliffe’s history during the decade 1939 to 1949.

Then and Now: the changing face of Redcliffe


Photos document the progression of particular sites on the Redcliffe Peninsula over time. Where change has taken place over several decades on certain sites, multiple images illustrate this progression.