Happy 55th Anniversary

Today marks the 55th Anniversary of the very first meeting of the Redcliffe Historical Society.

In 1967 when very few Queensland cities and towns had their own historical museums, there was at Redcliffe a group of people who realised the importance of our unique history and the need of recording it. Early that year a delegation comprising Alderman G. Mavor, Mrs W. Hatherell (Marie) and Mr and Mrs J.T. Houghton met at Newstead House with two officers of the ‘Royal Queensland Historical Society’. These folk buoyed by the encouragement they received, placed an advertisement in the Redcliffe Herald on 8 February 1967 stating that a public meeting would be held at the Redcliffe City Council Chambers at 8pm on Thursday 23 February to discuss the formation of an Historical Society.  Twenty-four interested people attended that meeting.

Since then, the Redcliffe Historical Society has grown and adapted but always stayed committed to preserving and promoting Redcliffe’s history. Now known as History Redcliffe, we will continue to uphold the importance of our local history.